Dissertation ideas music education

There are two main streams in this module: Part I - Neuropsychology. The module will place a particular emphasis on understanding the effects of brain activity on cognitive and social aspects of human behaviour (and vice-versa ). In addition, the module will address the effects of brain injury and neurological impairments with a view to understand models of normal cognitive and social functioning. Video material will be used to illustrate clinical cases when available. Part II – Neuro-rehabilitation. The module will introduce students to modern techniques for the diagnosis of neurological disorders and their neuropsychiatric implications. Interventions for the treatment and management of neurological disorders will be evaluated. Students' effort and engagement will be essential for a successful and rewarding experience. This will include active participation in lectures and the reading of the indicated material.

The rise of Korean hip-hop and the work of artists such as PSY (Jae-sang Park), Jay Park (Jaebeom Park) and Drunken Tiger has been noted and endorsed by celebrity pop artists including Katie Perry, rapper T-Pain (Faheem Rasheed Najm) and Britney Spears. This dissertation offers a critique of the work of PSY and asks the extent to which his musical style is a deviant form of hip-hop that also embraces cultural traits of rap as well as those more usually associated with the alternative underground rap scene. In charting the success of PSY, the thesis also asks whether artists who embody the spirit of contemporary Korean hip-hop have the global appeal to become musical icons within the Western world in a manner akin to that enjoyed by Western artists within Korea itself such as Ludacris.

Dissertation ideas music education

dissertation ideas music education


dissertation ideas music educationdissertation ideas music educationdissertation ideas music educationdissertation ideas music education