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98. (c): The benthic region includes all the sea floor from the wave-washed ashore-line to the greatest depths. Depending upon the penetration of light it is subdivided into two main zones: the lighted or littoral zone and the deep sea system. Due to abundance of light, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide and less salanity of water, the tidal zone is characterized by exhorbitant growth of plants. The dense growth of vegetation, on the other hand, provides shelter and food for animals. A wide variety of algae, few grasses and animals of every phylum of animal kingdom are represented in this region.

It’s also dangerous to assume that marginal tax rates are the same as effective tax rates. The danger in Bernie’s tax program (which Hillary largely adopted in the last few months of her campaign) was that its effective tax rates were by far the highest in American history. His intention was to use that enormous increase in taxes to provide dubious public goods, like free college and free healthcare. I’m all for healthcare, and want a system that is more equitable than the one we’ve got, but I think that the move towards socialized healthcare in the past decade has diminished the quality of care.

Essay fast food spm

essay fast food spm


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