Lmu essay

Quick personal story: A few years ago I was chatting with a rep at a selective school and a student came up to him and said hello and introduced himself. The rep said, “Oh, yeah, I remember you!” and they chatted for like 90 seconds, then the student said good-bye. I was impressed by how the student carried himself and, once the student left, I asked the rep half-jokingly, “What do you think? Is he in?”
“Oh, he’s in,” the rep said. But he was serious.
“Really?” I said? “If he’s got As?”
“Oh, even Bs. He was the student ambassador when I visited his school and he showed me around--he’s a great kid and we’d love to have him.” I don’t know if that student ultimately ended up at that school, but his demonstrated interest game was on point.

LMU encourages first-time freshmen to live in university housing because it enriches their educational experience. For fall enrollment, university housing is guaranteed to first-time freshmen who send in their commitment deposits postmarked by May 1. Once you submit your commitment deposit, Housing will send an email with the housing application and deposit information. Housing requests from fall transfer students and from all spring applicants are processed on a space-available basis. Visit the Student Housing page for more information.

Lmu essay

lmu essay


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