Pediatric oncology research paper

• Our overriding guiding principles are those at the foundation of patient and family-centred care: respect participation, information-sharing and collaboration. 
• The PFAC will act in congruence with the MCHS Strategic Plan and the SHR Strategic Plan and values: respect, compassion, excellence, stewardship and collaboration. 
• The Council will use collaborative dialogue and decision making processes that balance and respect the knowledge and expertise of the patients/families and the care providers. 
• SHR will encourage participation of physicians and other members of the multidisciplinary care team in activities of the Council. 
• The Council's role is to deal with comprehensive range of issues and ideas regarding family-centred care. While stories of personal or individual experiences with MCHS are welcome as examples, the role of the Council is not to be a support group or to resolve individual issues or concerns. 
• The Council values diversity and promotes understanding and sensitivity towards diverse cultural and lifestyle practices and beliefs. 

The pediatric hematology/oncology nurse cares for, manages patient care and assists patient/families with learning about the diagnosis and treatment. Conditions/Diagnosis range from congenital to acquired with often unknown etiology and can be life threatening and/or life changing/altering. She/he can work in the hospital setting (inpatient unit and outpatient clinic), physician’s office, home health care, radiation center, hospice/ palliative care service, and perform skills and services such as assessment of physical and psychosocial needs, administration of chemotherapy, biotherapy, immunosuppressants, teaching, supporting the patient going through their treatment by performing such interventions as administration medications to alleviate nausea/vomiting and pain, helping a child/AYA with loss of hair (body image), administering blood/blood products to alleviate anemia or thrombocytopenia, or supporting a patient through hospice/palliative care.

Pediatric oncology research paper

pediatric oncology research paper


pediatric oncology research paperpediatric oncology research paperpediatric oncology research paperpediatric oncology research paper