Reference interview thesis

In order to have a successful reference transaction, it is essential that the reference librarian be approachable.  Whether acting in a traditional/in-person role or a remote/virtual role, the librarian's first step in initiating the reference transaction is to make the patron feel comfortable in a situation that can be perceived as intimidating, confusing, or overwhelming.  The librarian’s initial response in any reference situation sets the tone for the entire communication process, and influences the depth and level of interaction.

60. UCL is required by the Equality Act 2010 to monitor the ethnic origin, sex and disability status of applicants for all posts, those shortlisted and appointees. In addition UCL has also decided to monitor the age, sexual orientation and religious belief of applicants. This informs UCL how its Equality and Diversity Strategy is working in practice and whether its recruitment practices are having a discriminatory effect on any particular groups. Applicants will complete equality monitoring information as part of their online application. See Appendix E for a hard copy of the Recruitment monitoring form which candidates will need to complete if applying off line for any reason. Panel members should remind themselves of the monitoring information required of them in relation to their selection decisions before commencing the selection process.

Reference interview thesis

reference interview thesis


reference interview thesisreference interview thesisreference interview thesisreference interview thesis