Taboo language essay

Remember, millions of people were put to death before, even today, because they have anal or oral sex or gay. Even as recent as 20 or 30 years ago, homosexuals are routinely put in jail. Today, in USA, gay people have this rather celebrated status, in movies, all media, even with protection and blessing by law (gay marriage). The rampant porn, legal porn, anal sex, cum swallowing, fisting, homosexual porn, we see on the web today, were legally considered as “obscene” that have placed perhaps thousands of people in jail in the past 50 years. (in my opinion, it is the internet, a massive flow of open info, made this change.)

The conclusion gives the overall verdict of the argument. You can also restate the ideas that you have discussed in the body paragraphs so as to make your point valid. The conclusion should also aim at motivating the reader to do research in the future. The conclusion is related to the argumentative introduction as the topic as well as the thesis statement is restated in a more convincing manner. The conclusion also gives you a platform of illustrating your decision concerning the argument in the article and why you have settled on that particular decision. Try not to introduce new ideas as they will give the readers an ideology that the article is not comprehensive enough.

Taboo language essay

taboo language essay


taboo language essaytaboo language essaytaboo language essaytaboo language essay