Term 601

   The provisions of this §   adopted June 3, 1988, effective upon publication and applies retroactively to October 15, 1987, 18 . 2518. § .  Payees.  (a)  If the household pays for fuel directly, the Department pays the vendor on behalf of the eligible household unless the vendor refuses or is ineligible to participate in the program, or the household purchased and paid for its fuel during the off-season.  (b)  If the household pays for heat as an undesignated part of rent or the fuel vendor refuses or is ineligible to receive a LIHEAP payment, the Department pays the benefit to the applicant for the household.  (c)  Because landlords, housing authorities, rental agents, hotel and rooming house proprietors and managers and other parties who are not direct suppliers of home heating, energy or service are not vendors, they are ineligible for a vendor payment on behalf of an eligible household.

The incidence of birth asphyxia is higher in LSH compared with the incidence found in other studies. Signs of fetal distress on CTG and delivery with operative interventions are common. With current available methods to detect intrapartum asphyxia there is a poor correlation with CTG and the development of HIE after severe asphyxia. The presence of severe maternal diseases does not correlate with increased incidence of asphyxia, presumably due to increased surveillance of these pregnancies and a lower treshold for intervention during delivery. In low risk pregnancies there is a lack of appropriate methods with high sensitivity and specificity to detect intrapartum asphyxia.

Term 601

term 601


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